How many of you know how to boil water? You know that over 50 % of the people do not know how to boil water.
I like to tell you how you can make a good French Press coffee ....Very Simple
Take hot water 1 or 2 cups and pour the water into the glass or metal holder.Keep the water there for 1 minute then pour the water out. Add the amount of coffee that you desire ( coarse grind) to the holder. I recommend for every 6 ounces of water 10 grams of coffee. I put in 20 grams for every 15 ounces of hot water. Take the plunger and press down 30cm or 1 inch. Let it sit there for 4 minutes and then take the plunger and press all the way down....Enjoy!


PS: Remember let the water boil then  let it sit for 5 second and  pour.