Lao Mountain Coffee are excited to be part of this competition that will be held in this September 29th-30th 2022 ! To represent Laos, we will be sending one of our finest coffee from the Bolaven Plateau Paksong, Champasak. We can't wait for the results to come out. 

***Result Update:

- We won 1st for Espresso Blend Awards with our Mekong Rising.

- We also won 1st for Continental Awards of Asia with our Peaberry.

We are so proud that our coffee blends won the above awards while at the same time represented Lao coffee industry and Laos as a country itself in an international stage.


Just to understand the coffee espresso review better:

The foundation of the lattes and cappuccinos coffee drinks (hot and ice-cold) is a tasty espresso that shines through everything else.


Official results & news: