What is a latte?

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At it's basic, a latte is a cup of espresso with steamed milk and topped with a layer of milk foam. Generally, it is prepared with 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk with foam. To make it more refreshing on a hot day, it can be served iced with cold milk instead of steamed milk.

What coffee to use?

We at Lao Mountain Coffee suggests to use Mekong Rising coffee blend as the espresso base for a clean and delicate flavour that doesn't overpower the milk. We also suggest to use full cream milk for the full bodied texture experience. With these 2 combined, the aromatic yet satisfying flavours come together to make a rich and flavourful taste that all coffee lovers will enjoy.

How to prepare espresso for latte.

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Out of the many ways to make espresso coffee, we suggest using a french press for Mekong Rising blend. Using a french press steeps the coffee for a slightly longer period, guaranteeing extraction of even the most delicate of flavours, whereas using an espresso machine might push too much flavour our of the beans, resulting in a slightly more bitter taste.


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When it comes to lattes, many would say just coffee and steamed milk is enough. But for those looking for more flavour options, flavoured syrups or other topping can be added. For example adding caramel to make a caramel latte or using vanilla syrup instead of sugar for a sweet and warm kick. However you choose to enjoy your latte, enjoy it with satisfaction knowing that Lao Mountain Coffee will always provide the best quality beans.