Our Story

Coffee in Laos is cultivated almost exclusively on the Bolaven Plateau in Champasak Province in the southern part of the country. The plateau, with ample rainfall, cool temperatures and rich volcanic soil, reaches an elevation of over 1300 meters at 15 degrees latitude - perfect conditions for growing world class coffee. The Arabica coffee beans from the plateau are known for their medium body and a combination of mild citrus and floral tones.

Appreciate Life

Our Purpose

Apart from delivering great coffee sourced from Lao farmers, we strive to inspire our customer to embrace life's moments and appreciate each day—one brew at a time.

Our Farmers

We work directly with farmers and farmer groups for over 20 years to insure that the beans are processed according to specialty coffee standards - ripe, fresh cherries, disciplined processing and professional grading and sorting. We sample all of our beans before we buy them to assure quality and consistency, and for the best beans, we pay the highest prices in Laos, to ensure our customer gets the best experience of Lao Coffee. For more than 20 years we have never left our farmers side, they are always a part of Lao Mountain Coffee growth and we promised to never leave their side. 

Humble Beginnings

We have the great privilege of using only Lao grown beans from the Bolaven Plateau in the south, a fertile, high elevation volcanic plateau perfect for specialty grade coffee. All of our Arabica coffee beans come from elevations between 1200-1300m. Robusta coffee beans come from elevation between 1000-1200m.


We source our coffee beans from farmers that makes a pure Arabica Typica coffee - a coffee variety that dates back to the 1850's botanical gardens established by French colonists in Vietnam. This ancient varietal is difficult to grow and produces a small harvest, but has a uniquely elegant and smooth cupping quality.


We roast  our coffee in small batches to monitor quality and customize our roasts and blends. Our varied inventory of beans reflects the diversity of processing styles, altitude of the trees and type of coffee bean. We have a choice of among 20 different beans, from a wet process Arabica Typica grown at 1300m, to a natural process Arabica Catimore grown at 1200m.

We are also the only roaster in Laos and one of the few in the world that offers a high elevation wet process Robusta alone and in blends. This coffee bean has a uniquely smooth and powerful body and sweetness.

Our Sustainability Efforts

Lao Mountain Coffee is a former member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and currently a member of Fair Trade Lao(FTL).All our coffee is All Natural(Organic) but not certified.We only purchase our green beans for roasting  from LMCFPG that are Fair Trade and Organic.  Over the years we have developed a close, family type relationship with a specific set of farmer villages.

Empowering Our Staff

We believe in diversity, that everyone in this world is able to do what they love without being judged by their own appearance or gender. Lao Mountain Coffee encourages our staff to treat everyone equally, to  respect and support each other and to not discriminate anyone. We are considerate of our staff's health, safety and well-being. We promote our staff with new training, helping them to develop new practice and skills.