When Lao Mountain Coffee started back in 2001 there were not many Cafe's selling coffee in Lao.

Over the years like all all over the world many cafes has sprang up. In Vientiane the capital of Lao there are over 100 cafes selling all different kind of coffee from the espresso machine, french press, drip machine and manual drip and etc. The most popular drink is the Ice coffee's either ice Latte or ice Cappuccino. Recently in the past few years Coffee Brew is becoming popular.

You know that 70 % of all coffee sold in the cafe are Latte or Cappuccino. Do you know how much milk there is in the latte and Cappuccino? The amount of milk is around 2/3 of the coffee. Amazing how many people gain weight by drinking coffee with milk and sugar.

Where as a black Americano (Southeast Asia call a regular coffee) or espresso has maybe 2 calories. Now do not get me wrong if your are drinking one or two that fine but to drink more then two that a little too many.