The countries that grow coffee in Southeast Asia are the following countries Philippines,Thailand,Laos, Myanmar and  Indonesia. Cambodia and Malaysia are not known for there coffee. 

Thailand mainly grow Robusta until the late 1990's. The yield in Arabica is  30% compare to Robusta 70%. Most of the coffee grown in Northern  Thailand is Arabica consisting of Catimor and very little Typica . Thailand is rank 18th in the world in production

In the Philippines they grow 90 %  Robusta green beans. Very little Arabica . Liberica and Excelsa green beans. The Robusta  grown in the Philippines is very good quality.

In Myanmar which started growing Arabica in the late 1880's,. Most of the coffee is grown in the state of Shan. There Arabica is getting to be known widely

Indonesia has probably the best green beans grown in Southeast Asia.

Idonesia grow  high quality Arabica and Robusta. There are manly types of Arabica grown all over Indonesia. Indonesia started growing coffee in the late 1600's. Indonesia is rated just behind Brazil and Vietnam in world productions. A rare green beans from Luwak(civet) come from fermentation process inside the tummy....Very espensive coffee mainly found on the island of Bali.

Laos (Lao) has coffee grown in the Northern  and Southern part of the country. The coffee that is grown in the northern part is on clay soil where as the coffee grown in the south is mainly on the Bolaven plateau which has Volcanic soil Volcanic soil has more nutrients and hold water much better then clay soil. The main coffee that is grown in Lao is Arabica,Robusta and Liberica. The Robusta is rated one of the best in the world because of the altitude of over 900 meters high. The normal altitude for Robusta is mainly 600 meters above sea level (asl). 

The Arabica that is grown in Lao is mainly Catimor. A very high producing green beans. The Typica Arabica is very limited and is very hard to grow in Lao.

The production of green beans is over 30,000 metric tons with over 20,000 families growing green beans throughout Lao. Lao has the one of the best coffee in the world and is getting very well known.