The top countries that grow fantastic coffee are Ethiopia, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Columbia, 
Guatemala and Yemen(The Arabian Peninsula) 
Let take a look why these 6 countries grow the best coffee. 
Ethiopia is known for producing coffee(Harrar) that has a taste of wine ,spicy or fruity flavor.The coffee are grown in the eastern part of the country with small peasant farms. 
In the country of Jamaica which there prices are very high. The Jamaican coffee has a classic aroma of rum and a special refinement.The flavor is smooth and mellow. 
In Costa Rica the country produced a well balance Arabicas. The coffee is grown on Volanic soil and has a smooth and rich flavor of walnut. 
Columbia is the biggest supplier of coffee in the world with around 15%.In Columbia there processing supposely is one of the best in the world with all up to date machinery. Columbia has a smooth,rich flavor and the aroma is velety. They classify there coffee in 3 stages....Supremo, Extra and Excelo. 
Supremo is the best then Extra and last is Excelo. 
Guatemala coffee are mainly grown in mountainous area where it develops an intense tart flavor. The coffee is sorted and is know as "Antigua Volcanic". Very sophisticated with a heavy taste, strong with a refined aroma with a hints of smoke. 
Yemen(Arabian Peninsula) 
The coffee is known as "Arabian Mocha" growing for thousand of year The coffee has a chocolate 
flavor and a little hint of wine. Very limited coffee that is not really exported out of the country. 
The six countries I mentioned are only what the experts say. There are so many good coffee countries growing excellent coffee today with advanced technolgy. 
Later in the blog we will look at different countries growing very good coffee in there region. 
The first region we will look at is Southeast Asia